Panasonic Prestige NN-SD997S Microwave Oven Review

Panasonic Prestige NN-SD997S

Panasonic Prestige NN-SD997S

There is nothing better than purchasing an appliance for your kitchen that not only matches your décor, but looks great. The Panasonic Prestige NN-SD997S microwave will be the talk of the house when you bring it home and start using it.

This 1250 watt super microwave is perfect for anyone with a big family that wants to eat now rather than waiting for the stove.

The intuitive and easy to program display will have you cooking like a professional chef in no time, and your family will thank you with the fast service and great food you will be preparing. The price may be a bit high for some, but you always get what you pay for and with this microwave you get a lot.

Reviewers are generally very happy with the decision to purchase this particular microwave and love the durability that it has over the long term ownership.

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2 responses to “Panasonic Prestige NN-SD997S Microwave Oven Review”

  1. Adam


    Phoenix, Arizona

    One of the greatest things about this microwave is that whatever power level you set it to is the level it cooks at. This is amazing because it’s one of the few microwaves that do that. Most people overlook this very important aspect. Microwaves that offer a reduced power level still cook at 100 percent power. They only reduce the cooking TIME rather than the power level selected.

    For instance, if you want to cook something at 80 percent power for 10 minutes, you’ll get 100 percent power for 80 percent of the time. That doesn’t happen with this microwave. When you select a power level, that’s the power level it cooks at. I’ve had this microwave for 6 months now and it still works as great as the day I bought it and installed it in my kitchen. Whether you use your microwave to cook popcorn or full course meals, you won’t be disappointed in this one.

  2. Sean


    Seattle, Washington

    I bought this microwave a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE it! For one thing, it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It wouldn’t have bothered me if it had been smaller, so this was just a bonus. I can put an entire package of chicken or hamburger in it to defrost without breaking the package in half. The packages just go right in and I close the door. The sensor reheat feature is one of my favorite features.

    All it takes is pushing the sensor reheat button, start, and the microwave can tell when your food is hot. You don’t have to guess about it anymore. I figured I wouldn’t like the dial button and I thought about that quite a lot before finally deciding to order this microwave. Actually, it’s quite easy to use and I’m really glad I decided on this microwave.

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